Pre Rup overview

Pre Rup is a temple complex located in Cambodia, near the town of Siem Reap. It is believed to have been built in the late 10th century, during the reign of King Rajendravarman. The temple is considered to be one of the finest examples of Angkor Wat-style architecture, and is known for its elaborate carvings and sculptures.

Pre Rup is a large temple, with a central tower surrounded by several smaller structures and galleries. The temple is made of sandstone, and is decorated with intricate carvings and sculptures, many of which depict scenes from Hindu mythology. The central tower is particularly noteworthy, as it features four levels of intricately carved reliefs that depict scenes from Hindu mythology, including the churning of the ocean of milk and the battle of Kurukshetra.

Despite its age and historical significance, Pre Rup remains relatively unknown to most tourists visiting Cambodia. However, for those interested in the country's rich cultural heritage and history, it is a must-see site. Today, the temple is a popular destination for tourists and is considered one of the most important sites in Cambodia. The temple is located near the larger temple complex of Angkor Wat, and is often visited in conjunction with other temples in the area.

Pre Rup Ruins

However, there are no devas in good condition, probably because they were carved out of bricks.

Lakshmi Statue in Pre Rup

Pre Rup tours

Pre Rup is a famous sunset spot, so many tours visit there. To see full list of Pre Rup tours, click here.

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