Banteay Samre (Banteay Samré) tours

About Banteay Samre (Banteay Samré)

Banteay Samre is a temple complex located in the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. It was built in the late 12th century during the reign of King Suryavarman II, and is considered one of the finest examples of classical Khmer architecture.

Banteay Samre is known for its well-preserved carvings and intricate bas-reliefs, which depict scenes from Hindu mythology and daily life. The temple is also noted for its unique blend of Hindu and Buddhist elements, which reflect the religious and cultural influences of the time.

The temple complex is surrounded by a moat and consists of several towers and galleries, including a central sanctuary and two libraries. Banteay Samre also features a number of impressive stone carvings, including figures of gods and goddesses, as well as images of everyday life in ancient Cambodia.

Today, Banteay Samre is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world who come to admire its beauty and learn about its history and cultural heritage. The temple has undergone extensive restoration work in recent years, and is now considered one of the most well-preserved temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Banteay Samre Ruins

When you enter Banteay Samre, you will be surprised at the good condition of the corridors and the remaining shrines and pylons.

Banteay Samre Ruins

Banteay Samre does not have many beautiful statues and reliefs. Also, you won't see the Devata (goddess) statues that are common in other ruins here. However, the beauty of the building may be the best.

Banteay Samre Ruins

Another highlight of Banteay Samre may be the cuteness of the curves of the buttocks of the Sinha (lion) statue on the terrace of the old approach outside the east gate.

Lion stature in Banteay Samre Ruins

There are several tours conducted from Seam Reap which visit Banteay Samre.

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